About Us

The World from a Male Perspective

Today’s Independent is the first of many websites dedicated to subjects that are for men, by men. In a world where too many sites have taken the approach to be all-inclusive, or feminist focused, there are few sites that actually deliver news from a male perspective anymore.

We believe that Political Correctness is a Disease. Political Correctness breeds intolerance and shuts down debate rather than encourage it. It is a disease that has been brought on by those who prefer a victim mentality and those who wish to emasculate and subjugate the male to the female psyche of society.

We are not anti-feminists, xenophobes, white supremacists, a hate group, homophobes, or any other kind of phobe. We are conservative in nature and pragmatists at heart. We believe in open and honest communication and dialog, which occurs only through the free expression of thought, no matter how popular or unpopular those thoughts may be.

We denounce political correctness, identity politics, prejudice of any form, and violence against others because of their beliefs or lifestyle. We believe that all citizens and guests who are on the legal path to citizenship are American. We believe in a distinct American Culture that encompasses all Americans as Americans, not Asian Americans, White Americans, Black Americans, Mexican Americans, Gay Americans, Straight Americans, Female Americans, etc. Just Americans plain and simple.

Multiculturalism, identity politics, political correctness, and victim mentality have led to the division and fragmentation of America. By collectively realizing that we are all American First, we can Make America and the World Great Again.

E Pluribus Unum
United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Our Team

We are a small but growing team of expatriates, businessmen, world travelers, and professionals. We have lived all over the world, have worked in a variety of industries, have a multitude of college degrees. We have hands-on experience as mechanics, carpenters, farmers, assembly line workers, janitors, door to door salesmen, you name it.

What we are not are professional journalists, talking head pundits, or people who live off of talking without action. We are not elitists. We are not politicians. We are not ‘The Management’.

We will side with the common working man every time, because we are and will always be one.

The guys (and a girl) at Today’s Independent