Diagram of the layers of the Earth

The Earth’s Core is Accelerating

It turns out that the heat that you are feeling under your feet is actually the Earth’s liquid iron core accelerating and picking up steam as it circles our planet’s mysterious inner core (it could be Satan, certainly a possibility…) Scientists are baffled by the acceleration but think that it is a natural phenomenon that has been occurring for over a billion years. They also think that it might have something to do with the Earth’s magnetic field strength and the pole reversals that occur on a regular basis every few thousand years.

First of all, “No shit Sherlock.” These scientists all have PhD’s in Physics, Astrophysics, Rocket Science, and the like right? So the best that they can come up with is, “It appears to be a natural phenomenon…” Of course it is natural, what else would it be?

The core is made out of solid iron spinning uber fast. It is a giant magnet, you geniuses. And the outer core is super hot molten liquid metals of all kinds combined with highly compressed water that is also hotter than hell. Molten liquid metal, inner iron core, all magnetic. Could it be that this magnetic center of our planet affects the poles and the Earth’s magnetic field? Like I said, “Don’t get stuck on stupid.”

There is a 420km stretch of the outer core that has a temperature as hot as the sun (which is pretty hot), and it is moving faster than the rest of the outer core, like wind currents and ocean currents. I like to call them molten liquid metal currents. The words ‘jet stream’ just don’t do it for me. These liquid iron currents are actually accelerating in speed. Scientists do not know why, but it is natural, so it must be perfectly fine.  I think we need to dig a little deeper into the cause of the acceleration and its ramifications before dismissing it so glibly.

No one actually knows how long it takes for the Earth’s poles to reverse, or whether it occurs like clockwork every 2125 years (just an example, it could be 4000 years or 10,000) or is it quasi-regular yet random, dependent on outside variables (like the sun or unknown mysterious bodies like Planet Nine/Nibiru/Whatever). Further if this is natural, and has been happening for a billion years or so, then my spidey sense tells me that such a thing is most likely not good for humanity.

Asteroid impacts are natural too, and it didn’t turn out too well for the Dinosaurs, did it? Quacks (per society – they may actually be the smart ones in all of this) have contended that civilizations and various life forms have come and gone on Earth for the last billion years and continually get literally wiped off of the face of the map when asteroid impacts or tectonic upheaval or cataclysmic terraforming occurs. Who’s to say that this isn’t part of such a cycle? Is this the beginning of The End? Is this Armageddon? Most likely not, but it is at least something to think about, rather than just shrugging the shoulders and saying “that’s neat”.

Of course, the other option is to assume that it isn’t natural. If it isn’t natural, then what in the Hell is it? Reptilians? Aliens? Nefarious creatures that have lived inside our planet for a billion years? Could it be Beelzebub himself? It’s certainly hot enough and is generally in the right location (at the core of the planet) to be the Dark Lord. And it is heading towards Europe, certainly a ripe harvesting ground for Hell bound souls…

I tend to think that this is a natural phenomenon,only not the type of phenomenon that is benign in nature. The questions to ask are why is it happening, what is causing it, and what are the repercussions and consequences in terms of worst possible outcomes? It would really be a downer if the Apocalypse is cyclical in nature. But then again, it’s a billion years. I have enough challenges getting through one day for Christ’s sake.